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PETITION on the ISWA Development at Doubleview - Thursday 22/11/18

At 42secs ACTIONS REQUESTED - We therefore ask the Legislative Council to support a motion that works on the old Doubleview Primary School site for the construction/relocation of the ISWA stop until the Solicitor General determines whether:
i) The $21.6 million of Public Money set aside for ISWA capital works, associated cost for relocation and establishment costs is authorised under the Schools Act 1999; and
ii) Whether the State continues to be obliged to move ISWA from City Beach to Doubleview given the Non-Legally Binding Commercial Lease Terms—203 St Brigids Terrace Doubleview lapsed as out-of-time on 31 December 2017; and
iii) A public inquiry should be conducted to determine whether the Doubleview facility and the current City Beach facilities are deemed to be “like for like facilities’ given the Doubleview facility has been stated as a smaller student capacity than City Beach.