Henley Brook

Henley Brook is an outer rural suburb of Perth, Western Australia, part of the Swan Valley wine region. The Ellen brook and Swan River meet in the northeastern corner of the suburb. This is also the farthest upstream Captain Stirling's 1827 exploration reached before deciding on the settlement site of the new colony in 1829. The All Saints Church, the oldest church in Western Australia, is also in the Henley Brook area.

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I live in the Swan Valley in Henley Brook.

We have a situation that the WAPC rezoned 233 hectares of 103 privately owned 5 acre properties (well the developer had already purchased 11 of these properties by rezoning). The WAPC summary stated that the rezoning wouldn't change anything for existing landholders, it would just give those that want to develop their lands that opportunity.

The problem is that the Structure Plan was for the area released late last year and the developers have placed Public Open Space (POS) sites over the homes of those families who didn't want to develop. The City of Swan have told these private landholders that if the structure plan is approved then the POS site will be reclaimed and any owners who do not accept the City of Swan financial offer will be removed from their lands.

The City of Swan are meeting on the 8th April to approve this structure plan. How is it possible that people can be removed from their homes to suit a developer. I had visited ministers, councillors anyone I can think of but I keep hitting a brick wall. 

Nicky Gill