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FLASHPOINT WA on 7 raised community concerns about the McGowan government’s plan to cut local government control of planning approvals for small residential developments.

The Government should think carefully about a planning free for all.. more battles in the burbs may result.

McGowan should work to improve local governments' execution of current planning controls to make them more effective and efficient vs jumping to the easy option of cutting the controls meant to protect locals in their neighbourhoods and homes and eliminate battles between neighbours in the suburbs.

The City of Melville’s poor planning and building performance is the subject of many complaints and has contributed to many the battles in the burbs.

Fortunately the City’s new Council has resolved to lead an independent review of past complaints about the City’s poor planning and building performance and conduct.

Council directed the CEO to “to commence the process of procuring the services of a suitable qualified and experienced independent consultant to conduct the Independent Review”.

Improving local government performance is what the McGowan government should be focusing on to make life better for locals and local businesses.

Full 29 June 2020 episode here