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The state government is trying to progress the sale of 8000sqm of land around the historical Cable station at South Cottesloe and Mosman Park. In the 1980's a large amount of open land was sold for housing development at Buckland Hill in Mosman Park.


The locals campaigned against it unsuccessfully but then worked with the state government to get a regional park to maintain biodiversity. This became the Vlamingh Parklands which includes the narrow linkage along the coast around the Cable station.


Much has progressed over time with the state government wanting to sell much of the Leighton coastal strip for housing. The locals campaigned again to limit the housing development and keep the remaining coast for nature and recreation. The Curtin avenue needs rerouting behind the cable station and Montessori school. In 2016 the Barnett government sent a letter to Town of Cottesloe and Mosman Park with a report by the Rowe group asking for their opinion of rezoning the old cable station and some of the Montessori school to urban for development.

The Rowe Group report omitted important information about the history and previous planning for this area. Cottesloe replied saying there would need to be extensive community consultation. Mosman Park said yes but agreed with Friends of Mosman Park Bushland to rescind their decision. The WAPC did not proceed with the rezoning. I discovered that once the land has been put on the Land Assets Program it will not come off. Now DPLH are trying again to progress the Urban Development and asked Town of Mosman Park to relinquish the 1690 sqm of land to Cottesloe so it can develop the land or sell the land in one suburb. Mosman Park has declined to relinquish the land.


ToMP had their CHRMAP (Coastal Hazards Risks Management Plan) completed in 2016. Part of this CHRMAP is to seek community input on what they would like for the coast. Clearly they have said they want the coast for recreation over development. This means setting aside land now for future recreation as the 100 year prediction of coastal processes takes hold.


I am very disturbed at the lack of respect for previous plans, current plans and the deceitful way they are selling this plan to the Town of Mosman Park. I have written a letter to The Post this week. When I asked for a FOI on this matter in 2017, they had cut out publicity from the Post on the matter. Please add this to your case studies. If you have any ideas how we could tackle this development, I would be very grateful. It took a lot of work back in 2017 to ask ToMP to rescind their decision and inform councillors of the history of this area that the Rowe Group had not mentioned. The value of the bushland here is for a wildlife linkage.