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We are the Save Ocean Reef Citizens Association and we oppose the Ocean Reef Marina development in Ocean Reef, Joondalup.


Details regarding the marina development:


The marina will be approximately 1.8kms long, stretching 1.1kms into the Marmion Marine Park, a class A marine reserve.


It will destroy the near shore reefs that comprise part of this reserve, and in doing so remove the richest Abalone habitat in Western Australia, and the only world example of a sustainable Abalone industry within a major capital city anywhere.


Twenty six hectares of ‘Bush Forever 325’ bushland has been excised for the development, encompassing quandong trees, a feeding site for black cockatoos and white winged fairy wren habitat. This is a relatively undisturbed and excellent quality coastal foreshore area. More than 900m of limestone cliffs will be decimated to sea level.


The area has multiple Aboriginal heritage sites within a 10km radius and from an Aboriginal cultural perspective has deep significance.


Approximately half of the land is set aside for more than 1000 high-density, high-rise housing to accommodate over 3000 people. The existing coastal path will be destroyed and beach access prohibited.


The immediate and most politically feasible objective of our Association is to completely abolish the housing estate part of the development, which is the site which will most impact Indigenous heritage and will destroy the stunning reefs and limestone cliffs. We are advocating for additional land nature connections including nature corridors and a drastic downsizing of the current proposal. For more information, please see our website