Our Issue

The urban planning process in Perth is a sham. Our City is completely open to unscrupulous property developers who have no regard for the amenity, character and long term livability of Perth.


Over a period of decades the democratic process we had in place to act as a check and balance over property developers have been removed.  Our democracy has been replaced with volumes of planning procedures, policies, strategies and guidelines that have been written by unelected bureaucrats who then reside over these documents to interpret them, and make decisions on them that can dramatically impact the lives of residents of Western Australia.


The system treats Western Australian householders as muppets. Residents have no right of appeal, only development applicants have a right of appeal. The whole planning system works as a well oiled planning approval machine for the benefit of developers.  It creates a facade of community engagement and pretends to be democratic via an elected local government, which actually has no power over the process.  The system divides the community into pockets based on the geographic radius of developments.  


The system is designed by, administered by and overseen by the property development industry and related industries.  The system is more concerned with short term job creation than it is will long term sound urban planning. 


Our solution is to take back our democracy and put people and communities at the centre of the planning process.