• Ian Love

Coming Together Separately in Solidarity - 20 February 2021

The Perth and Peel communities are awake and fully alive to the corrupt, self serving town planning process that centralises the profits of developers while socialising the loss of amenity on the community.

At our town hall meeting on the steps of Parliament House on 28 November we heard heart breaking stories from across Perth where the Planning Minister and the system she oversees has crushed the 'Australian Dream' time and time again. If we get a response from her at all it will be along the lines of ' is not in my DNA to not make decisions...'. Property developers reassure her that ' are not doing your job properly if you are not upsetting 20% of the people most of the time...'. We would like to say to her '...put people at the centre of planning, not the profits of developers...'.

On 20 February 2021 communities from around Perth with be 'Coming Together Separately in Solidarity' with the view to highlighting our local stories in a landscape of an unfolding urban planning disaster at the hands of this Government and the WAPC.

Please do all you can to organise your local community group on 20 February 2021...even one individual standing at the front of their house is making a stand...take the opportunity to get a group together, record your story, make your voice heard and show solidarity for all communities across Perth.

I set out here story videos of our November town hall meeting.

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