• Ian Love

Community Town Hall Meeting

Our beautiful City, Perth, has become captive to the interests of property developers and self interested industries.

Property developers say to our Planning Minister ‘...if you are not upsetting 20% of the people, you are not doing your job properly…’ well we are saying to the Minister ‘...stop putting the profits of developers ahead of the people of Perth…’.

We are the simple householders of Perth, we want to reside peacefully and securely in our homes without the threat of excessive developments encroaching on our back gardens, our privacy and our well being.

At this time, when democracy is being curtailed, we are standing up for our homes and the future of our City. We do not want to be like Singapore, Sydney or Shanghai. We are proud to be Perth, and many would like to be just like Perth!

At this Community Town Hall Meeting speakers will outline how democracy has been stripped from the urban planning process and left householders powerless to defend their homes from unscrupulous property developers. There will be a call for action and suggested next steps towards putting people's concerns about privacy and amenity at the center of the planning process.

Place : The meeting will be held outdoors on the oval at ‘Tregonning Field 42 Smyth Road - Nedlands’ (bring a picnic chair or blanket if you wish to be seated)

Time/Date : Monday evening 26 October, 6.30pm (we aim to finish by 7.30pm)

Convened by : Perth Alliance for Responsible Urban Planning

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