• Ian Love

High Density Protest Grows

We had a great turnout at our 28 November 2020 meeting on the steps of Parliament House. We had 10 speakers representing communities from all over Perth the Post Newspaper covered the story as set out below. Videos will be loaded up shortly.

'The fight against unsuitable high density development is metro-wide, a rally outside Parliament House was told on Saturday. Almost 100 residents from inner and outer Perth suburbs marched on Parliament House protesting about the State Government’s planning laws. The crowd carried signs that said “Save our Suburbs,” “Sack Saffioti” and “Sunsets not Sky Scrapers.” Central to the crowd’s concerns were the lack of oversight and accountability in planning under the McGowan government. “We are all the little bushfires that the government cannot put out,” former Subiaco councillor Julie Matheson told the gathering. “We thought the government would have our back,” said Ian Love, Broadway resident and a convenor of Perth Alliance for Responsible Urban Planning. Mr Love called on residents to join in solidarity with their neighbours locally and across Perth. A message shared by residents was their sense of powerlessness over the future of their neighbourhoods. “We’ve been let down by both political parties,” Mr Love said. He said the DAP system was started by a Liberal government and continued by Labor, which wanted to create short term jobs. “There’s nothing wrong with job creation, but I don’t think it should come at the expense of people’s private property,” he told a ratepayer meeting in Cottesloe the night before the rally. The DAP system in WA was an inversion of former prime minister John Howard’s red-tape cutting policies, the original DAPs designed to make small neighbourhood planning decisions transparent. In WA, the DAPs were the reverse, inevitably approving big developments “all egregiously over scale”. Developers had the right of appeal over a DAP decision, but badly-affected neighbours did not.'

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