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Watch this video: Hands off Point Peron by Samuel Young

The State Government’s proposed private canal housing estate and inland marina development, so-called Mangles Bay Marina (MBM), on public land at Point Peron MUST be stopped.

The Environmental approval of the MBM is nothing short of reckless. It is not a Hillarys-type in-sea marina but a proposed inland marina/canal development in a regional park of natural coastal bush sustaining a unique, threatened and critically endangered ecology.

Canal estates of this type have been banned elsewhere because of their disastrous environmental, financial and social costs.

Despite expert scientists describing the Environmental Impact review as “inherently flawed” the State Government continues to ignore the many serious and detailed environmental concerns and is forging ahead with rezoning the land for urban development


The 1964 Point Peron Land Agreement stipulated that Point Peron’s use is to be ‘restricted to a reserve for public recreation and/or parklands and that the land must not be used ‘for private industrial, commercial or residential development’

Our alternate community-based and initiated plan for Cape Peron Coastal Park is for a World class conservation and recreation park in keeping with the 1964 Point Peron Land Agreement which would be infinitely better for the economy, the environment and the health of our community


Your support will help us STOP the MBM development so we can save Point Peron and create our Coastal Park for the people of WA and Australia forever.