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The proposed North Stoneville development resulted in 950 submissions being made to Mundaring Shire, the overwhelming majority of them against the development.

This page details the main concerns identified by the community.


With 4000  new residents to the Perth Hills through North Stoneville and a 2nd Parkerville development for 2500 people, the impact these developments will have on evacuation in the event of a catastrophic fire event is very real. 


The Perth Hills community has experienced a major fire event every 3-4 years in the past 10 years. Not only will this impact the residents in this new development where there are lot sizes of as little as 350sqm, but the impact of these people trying to evacuate through existing roads such as Roland and Stoneville is of great concern.


11,200 vehicle movements are estimated from the North Stoneville Development alone, and this is projected to be double by 2035.