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New Local Planning Scheme 5


The WA Planning Commission is proposing a new Local Planning Scheme for the City of Subiaco.

The new Scheme is not original or bespoke for Subiaco. It’s based on a WA Planning Commission template proposed for other councils in WA.  The City of Nedlands has the same template too!

Consultation has commenced. A special edition of Subi News will be dedicated to the infill proposed in this new Scheme.

Join the Save Subi! campaign dedicated to informing residents and ratepayers about the disastrous density proposed by the WA Planning Commission...

Here is a typical letter we receive from residents all over Perth....

Our family moved to Subiaco in 1994. We have seen a lot of changes during our time here.


Big changes really started in 2018 with the present Labor Government and followed on from the previous Coalition Government which commenced the dismemberment of Subi by giving parts of our City to Nedlands and to the City of Perth (as best I recall). While Subi was getting clobbered it was seen as a Subi problem.


Now other Eastern suburbs are in the same boat and we see the problem is WA-wide. Our family has been active in opposing what is happening in Subi but as PARUP rightly points out, the residents (voters) have no-one in their corner. We are not living in a functioning democracy in Western Australia.


I have been assured by a senior Minister that our voice has been heard; no notice was taken so I must assume heard but ignored. Our local Member is essentially disinterested and anyway was part of the government which previously clobbered Subi; he must be close to retirement. I will support you to find an effective way to ensure we are no longer ignored.


Your satirical dubbing of the film clip (I didn't recognise the movie; was it Italian?) was close to the mark but I think you'll find there is more to this than property developers and a government wanting to generate jobs.


Academic planners can also share a lot of the blame. The "Perth and Peel at 3.5 million" document is particularly culpable. I suspect it does not stand serious demographic analysis. We have been living with a proposed out of proportion development (6 storeys, 20 metres away at the bottom of our garden) for over 2 years now.


This is not how we planned to spend our retirement. Our neighbour's house recently sold for $200,000 less than initial expected price as a result. I'm happy to discuss if you feel there is any benefit.