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Why the Eureka Flag

Our cause is fundamentally one of democracy and freedom.  


In Australia, a person’s home is sacrosanct.  It is a place we go to to restore our energies, maintain our souls and seek out peace from the troubled world. It should be private, it should be peaceful and it should be free from interference.


The planning process and rules in Western Australia work directly in opposition to the creation of safe, secure and privacy protecting homes. 


In 1854 the Diggers in the gold mines at Ballarat took a stance against the despotic establishment in Melbourne.  The Diggers position was ‘no taxation without representation’...this was a call for a democratic vote to be given to the Diggers and for the Diggers to not pay tax until such a right was given.  The battle lasted 20 minutes and 30 people were killed.  Within the year the Diggers were given the vote and the gold licence (tax) was abolished.  Nineteenth century visitor Mark Twain referred to the battle as ‘...a strike for liberty, a struggle for principle, a stand against injustice and oppression.’


The term Digger, first used in the gold mines of Ballarat and then in reference to the trench diggers at Gallipoli, has become part of Australian vernacular. A Digger is a person who has a sense of mateship, provides support for the underdog and a person who is prepared to fight against those who seek to suppress freedom and liberty. The Eureka flag has become a symbol of democracy, egalitarianism, and general purpose symbol of protest.


In Western Australia, we have seen our democracy whittled down splinter by splinter over the past two decades. Vested interests control our urban planning process and property developers have outsized influence on our State Government. Elected representatives of the people at Local Government Council level have had their authority stripped away by the State central government, bureaucrats and administrators who make decisions which impact the privacy, amenity and livability of our homes without impunity or consequence or care.   


Without safe homes there can be no tranquility. Without privacy there can be no peace of mind. And without and without democracy there can be no protection from interference.  We want our homes back, we want our democracy back and we want our freedom back. We are all Diggers and we adopt the Eureke Flag as our symbol of democracy and to show the despotic Governments of Western Australia (past and present) that we want change, we want our democracy back!