Perth Alliance


Responsible Urban Planning

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Our position statement is set out below (or watch video here)

Our beautiful City, Perth, has become captive to the interests of property developers and related self interested industries.

Over the past years both political parties have stripped democracy from the planning process. Community feedback processes are a sham, the voice of the people and what we want for our suburbs, is heard but ignored. 

Elected councillors have been replaced by government appointed panelists as decisions makers for the planning decisions.

Councils are now just a powerless group of individuals who unwittingly act as a facade which cloaks the real decision makers, who are unelected self interested individuals involved with the planning and development industry.

The Western Australian Planning Commission has become a property development approval machine.  Everything from the planning schemes, the community engagement process and the appeal process is stacked against the community. Communities have lost all trust and faith in the WAPC and the urban planning process.

When communities have resisted undesirable projects they have time and time again been ignored, called names and belittled as NIMBY’s or whingers.  Communities have no one in their corner. Developers, the WAPC and the State Government on both sides of politics are destroying the amenity of Perth suburbs for generations to come.  They do this in the name of job creation and profit….short term jobs and short term profit.

The Perth Alliance for Responsible Development is made up of residents from throughout the Perth and Peel Region.  We support each other, we recognise that no suburb should be subjected to unwanted or inappropriate development.  The ability to have visual privacy in our homes and back gardens is paramount, it is a Human Right that Australia protects, and no planning bureaucrats should be allowed to take that away. We believe in democracy and we have one theme...‘Put the Community at the Centre of the Planning Process’.

We need urgent action from the Premier and the Minister for Planning, we do not need more inquiries and reviews, we demand that this or the next Government :


  1. Restore democracy to the planning process. 

  2. Facilitate urgent amendments to planning schemes.

  3. Provide State Govt. funding for local planning policies.

  4. Apply anti-money laundering checks to large developments.


We remain ready at any time and at any place to meet with the Minister for Planning and the Shadow Minister for Planning to meet with our group so we can explain further what we seek as an immediate solution towards rebuilding our trust and faith in the urban planning system for Perth.